Richard Sheppard

Avionics Manager, Wasaya Airways

Dual B1900D WAAS Install:  "I just wanted to thank you guys for your hard work and great digital interface design.  Our pilots are reaping the benefits of WAAS approaches into Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, and soon Red Lake as well.  Your technical support and dedication to get the job done was invaluable.  With your Avionics technicians, A...

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What sets us apart from any other Avionics Shop?  We're not just another Avionics Shop, offering maintenance, manufacturing and more!

Midland Instruments offers you a choice when deciding how and where your installations will be completed. Our Mobile Repair Team (MRT) is available to travel where you need your installation to take place. Midland Instruments' MRT can also perform installations while maintenance is being done on the aircraft, greatly reducing your downtime. Our MRT can even give you a chance to learn the installation so that you can cut costs in the future by performing your own troubleshooting and non-specialized installations.

With our in-house CNC machine shop, we can customize any panel by building new from scratch, or quickly fabricate intricate mounting brackets whether for an iPad STC, or a simple mounting bracket for a relay.

We also have in-house painting (for instrument panel sized projects), and engraving capability affording you professional looking cockpits for your expensive radio suites.

Midland Instruments has also come up with an internal process to refurbish your backlit circuit breaker and switch panels, OR, upgrade to our new reverse engraved system, backlit with 14Vdc or 28Vdc LED strip lights to increase durability and reliability over the old incandescent or electro-luminescent systems.

See above picture carousel for some of our recent accomplishments!